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Customers come to us with the 3D model of the final product or an idea. Our technical team gets informed about the specs and wants of the customer and engineers the technical drawing for the product accordingly. 


Once the product is modelled, mould and accessories' design is tailor made to customer's use of machinery and production standards by our team of experienced engineers. After the approval step, technical documentation is finalized and handed over to the customer and order is processed for production planning and programming. 


Technical department is responsible for production and resource planning for orders. For each part, production processes, raw materials and tools are assigned.  CNC programs are generated and simulated for manufacturing operations. With proper overview, programs are released to the production floor. 


With the supervision of our technical team, every part is produced inhouse every step of the way. From material handling to packaging, orders are processed with the utmost precision to deliver the best and premium quality moulds our customers need. 

SET invests in its people and technology. We push forward with our R&D activities to develop new manufacturing technologies for better results.


We provide the best moulds and accessories in the glass industry. Accordingly, we source our materials (Bronze, Steel, Cast Iron materials and coating powders, etc.) only from the best and reputable foundries and suppliers.

Our modern machinery consists of horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers, CNC milling and turning machines, PTA and HVOF coating systems, engraving  and polishing machines. 


Traceability is the foundation of our quality guarantee. We oversee production and track progress and status in real time, online. 

Each and every part is measured after each process. Measurements are recorded according to SPC standards.

Following production, our Quality Assurance team completes the inspection and prepares documents for customer's perusal.

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